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Aims & Objectives

Aims & Objectives


The greatest ambition of Al-Jamia is to create and equip a highly qualified scholastic team armed with intellectual caliber and excellent behavior that makes them suitable for Islamic missionary and to interact with modern society. 
Having designed a fine strategy, Al-Jamia has arranged in all its affiliated institutions, the facilities for conducting scholarly seminars, academic symposiums and special assessments for group discussions on various intellectual and scientific subjects, thereby making the campus a brilliant light house of knowledge, and its radiance helps for a prosperous growth of the entire humanity.
Al-Jamia is aspiring to become the pioneer in the field of originality in its own researches and academic discussions.


  1.  Recruitment of specialized cadre team of missionaries to serve the Muslim community and to pave the way to them for specialization and research.
  2.  Inculcation of the eternal Islamic values, in future generation so as to save them from deviations in faith and divert them from all type of misconducts.
  3.  To keep them upright in the correct convictions of Islam, and to enable them to transmit tactfully the ideas of true faith to fellow Muslims and also among the co-religionists.
  4.  To set a congenial atmosphere of communal harmony among different religious sects in the country and to shun communal hatred and terrorism.
  5.  Opening channels for higher Islamic studies and researches.