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About Jamiathul Hind

Jamiathul Hind Al Islamiyya which has its head quarters in Calicut (Kerala), functions as an all India level Open University. It stands for the reconstruction of the whole Islamic higher educational system and tries to modify its  missionary aspects to suit the need of the day .With an unquenching aspiration to improve the intellectual and fiscal prosperity of the entire humanity, it aims at consolidating and regularizing the whole Islamic educational system and its  propagation by securing the cultural and intellectual aspects of Islam and it strives hard for the propagation of the esteemed and peaceful Islamic values and morality.
Now Al-Jamia endeavors to create a well trained scholastic team with higher missionary enthusiasm to render their valuable services and guidance for escalating the message of Islam throughout the length and breadth of India so as to achieve the goal of spiritual fervor and material prosperity for the entire Muslim ummah.
The curriculum of Al-Jamia is framed based on the principles of modern educational psychology and the syllabus of which is aimed at inculcating in the students of Jamia, a firm footing in spiritual as well as material affairs. It tries to make them ready to face the modern challenges against Islam.
Now more than fifty institutions in and outside of Kerala are affiliated to Al-Jamia. These institutions are simultaneously imparting quality education- both spiritual and material under the same roof. This will be of immensely beneficial for the students to attain perfection in understanding the traditional Islamic theology and makes them well fit for peaceful Islamic missionary work. And it also increases their ability to interact with the modern enlightened society.
As Al-Jamia offers quality education on international level, its curriculum is standardized and courses are regularized to be on a par with other higher international universities of the world. 
Now Al-Jamia is on the way of acquiring the concurrence of other world- class universities especially that of Al Azhar in Egypt and also trying to have academic affiliation with them. So in due course the Jamia students shall be enabled to continue their higher studies and also to conduct their further researches in other world class universities. This affiliation also shall be beneficial for both parties because it promotes mutual cultural exchanges of valuable information, with vast and various experiences.

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